We are opening a new chapter along the way with a new corporate identity and FIN/S, our new state of the art platform. FIN/S is a modern and effective software solution for financial institutions, designed to enable customers focus on the areas where they can create value and higher returns.


A new, advanced system incorporating all of EFFECT’s gained experience, along with best business practices, has started to be designed and implemented.


Design, implementation and presentation of the 3th and 4th major product renewals at various events. Over the years EFFECT has won the trust of many large organizations in Greece and abroad and is established as a specialized company with a leading role in the financial sector.


Design and development of the 3rd generation of products.


Participation in the technical analysis seminar OMEGAWORLD ’98 in Miami (USA).


Development of the 1st version of Front Office application (EFFECT RM).


Designing of 2nd generation software begins, working on Windows environment, to be released over the following year. The gradual development of the market’s companies together with more advanced requirements, lead to the enrichment of the systems with new capabilities.


First installation of the EFFECT Portfolio Management system abroad, in a prestigious Cypriot bank.


Creation of EFFECT as a Limited company by George Thomas. Introduction of the first system of Statistical and Fundamental analysis (Finance Statistics – Fundamentals), and installation in a large Brokerage firm. Later on, the same system conquers the overall financial market. Today it covers a greater than 70% percentage among companies specializing in financial analysis.

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