FIN/S Depositary provides a streamlined operating solution that covers the main tasks under UCITS V and AIFMD. With its built-in Workflow configurator, FIN/S allows for setting up Workflows in order to monitor all relevant actions for safekeeping of assets, cash flow monitoring and overseeing the operation of the fund, as well as the compliance with AIFMD and fund specific rules.

Safekeeping of Assets

By setting up relevant work flows all the needed steps can be monitored

Ownership verification

The communication asking for all appropriate legal documents that evidence the existence and ownership of the assets

Record Keeping

The storage of these documents

The communication asking for the update of all stored documents

NAV reconciliation

Cash flow Monitoring

Identification of Inconsistent Cash Flows

FIN/S identifies important financial moves providing useful information about them.

The importance of moves is specified by the investment’s Net Asset Value (NAV), based upon the type of each cash flow activity.

For example, 10% NAV on shareholding/takeovers

Account Reconciliation

Designed with an in-built reconciliation engine, FIN/S researches and notifies about significant variances among accounts.

General oversight Duties

Investment Structure Monitoring.

SPVs, Compartments and Portfolios are recorded and graphically displayed for due diligence, tracking and showing any change over time.

Compliance Monitoring

FIN/S depositary monitors the investments of the fund in order to ensure they are in accordance with its stated investment restrictions.