EFFECT Digital Transformation Solutions

In today’s business world, digital transformation is not an option, but a necessity. Investment service companies now have the ability to expand their customer base by providing 24/7 remote and automated services. This is a productive way to help investors who are increasingly calling for seamless access to their portfolios, without having tο visit the company or to contact their investment advisor for information.

EFFECT comes to meet this ever-increasing need by offering  tailor-made Onboarding and Robo Advisor / Hybrid Robo Advisor solutions.

Moreover, jointly with the University of Macedonia and the National Center for Research and Technological Development, EFFECT is preparing Deep Invest, a system that complements the robo advisory service with artificial intelligence technology.


Client Onboarding

The EFFECT Onboarding service is addressed to existing and prospective new clients who, through a friendly, easy-to-use and simple environment, are guided to complete the standard onboarding procedures.

EFFECT Onboarding is specially designed to arouse customers’ interest and encourage them to continue the process. It includes informative, explanatory videos, pages with infographics and instructions detailing all the necessary steps, while through the “frequently asked questions” it gives answers to every issue that may concern the client.

The service encourages prospective new clients to complete the registration process and create a Customer Account by themselves, without the company’s intervention.

As a matter of course, the onboarding is carried through an advanced process control and a carefully planned approval procedure, fully supervised by EFFECT’s authorized personnel.

EFFECT Onboarding is fully interconnected with FIN/S. The data and documents of the prospective new client update FIN/S so to provide complete control over the approval procedure.

The steps to be performed are fully defined at all levels through the FIN/S Workflow designer.

The EFFECT Onboarding process can include:

  • The input of the client’s data (there is a possibility of automatic extraction of data from egov-KYC).

  • The acceptance of the company’s terms of use and disclaimers.

  • The completion of questionnaires and their categorization through parametric scoring.

  • The notification of the client about the results and his/her profile classification.

  • The sending of the legal documents required, depending on the client’s legal form, tax residence, etc.

  • The inclusion of co-beneficiaries.

  • The arranging of an e-meeting with a specialized company consultant to authenticate the prospective client.

  • An investment proposal based on the investor’s profile.

As for the existing clients, EFFECT Onboarding automatically sends a notification whenever needed to update documents or complete questionnaires. Moreover, it guides clients through answering to structured questionnaires whenever they think it is necessary to change their profile data.

The EFFECT Onboarding environment adapts to the corporate identity of each organization with the help of a partner company that specializes in marketing and advertising.

Robo Advisor

EFFECT Robo Advisor is a completely secure and modern software that works on all devices and can be used to provide different investment services by the company.

It can work either as a hybrid system for investment services companies that prefer to provide interaction channels for their customers, or as a 100% automated system for organizations aiming to keep costs low.

EFFECT Robo Advisor supports a set of different services:

From carte-blanche management, where the client-investor monitors through a simple, easy-to-use and integrated environment the development of his/her portfolio, to consulting management, where the client-investor is invited to approve or reject specific proposals at the level of investment category or title, or in their entirety.

Depending on the knowledge and experience of each client, additional possibilities are provided, such as changing the input of title categories or specific titles in his /her portfolio (always within the limits of the already accepted risk) or even to choose from the offered titles and enter commands.

EFFECT Robo Advisor can be managed by:

  • Classic portfolios with shares, bonds, M/F, derivatives, cash

  • ETFs portfolios

  • Mutual fund portfolios – when used through a Mutual Funds Management Company

Client categories with different services can be defined, such as:

  • A category of clients whose portfolios will follow the management models and the rebalancing process without the possibility of interventions (within carte blanche management).

  • A category where clients are given the opportunity to approve investment proposals.

  • A category where clients will be able to change the arrangement of investment categories before approval.

  • A category where clients can also enter orders from a predefined title basket.

EFFECT Robo Advisor offers opportunities to investors, such as:

  • Completing a questionnaire with their investment goals and the risk they intend to take for their investment.

  • Automatic reception of the investment proposal by the company, based on their accepted risk.

  • Specifying the initial capital they want to invest.

  • Determining monthly payments in their investment portfolio.

  • Making predictions about the future of their investment.

  • Shaping a complete and comprehensible picture of the progress of their investments.

  • Redeeming part of the investment and receiving cash.

The operation of EFFECT Robo Advisor is supported by:

  • FIN/S model portfolio advanced management system.

  • The rebalancing subsystem, which supports the clients’ investment preferences and decisions.

  • The ability for automatic routing commands and bulk commands (wherever possible).

  • The functionality of FIN/S wealth management.