The Attica Wealth Management selects the FIN/S

The Attica Wealth Management selects the FIN/S of EFFECT, for the monitoring of the operation of Mutual Funds and investment management to private clients.

The Administration of Attica Wealth Management after a detailed evaluation process, entrusted the company to EFFECT the modernization of the basic computer system for the operation and management of Mutual Funds, monitoring of the unit-holders as well as for the management of portfolios of private (wealth management).

The platform FIN/S it's a system of open architecture. Technology and modern design, offers the possibility of the MUTUAL funds to create workflows in accordance with the principles, culture and experience, thus creating the ideal workflow for maximum performance in all departments. In addition, the FIN/S it offers the remote function in an ideal way via the web for all the jobs, a feature that makes it, especially nowadays, the most necessary tool for the smooth functioning of the company.

The agreement includes the licensing of use of the subsystem of the associates of the company, as well as directly from customers through digital technology, allowing the Attica Wealth Management to operate on the cutting edge of technology and developed through the upgrading of the services provided to its customers.

The FIN/S supports a single chart of accounts for all Mutual Funds. All reports are produced per Mutual fund and provides consolidated information on comprehensive update of the administration.

The MUTUAL funds can choose whether to use the Cloud FIN/Sso you don't need to have it infrastructure in their offices or FIN/S on-premises if they wish to be installed on a computer infrastructure within the premises of the company.

We want to thank the company, the Management and staff of Attica Wealth Management for the selection of the most modern system for the management of mutual funds and portfolios of private clients and promise the provision of well-known high standards of service of the EFFECT.

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