The Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), the University of Macedonia and EFFECTare collaborating to complete the Deep Invest project.
Combining their extensive research experience in machine learning models and profit optimization techniques, existing expertise in developing ergonomic and user-friendly interfaces as well as knowledge of investment advisory and portfolio management, all the involving parts aim to effectively implement this 30-month project, funded by the NSRF.

The innovative automated tools to be developed as part of the Deep Invest project aim to simplify and accelerate the difficult and time-consuming process of structuring portfolio standards, ensuring a significant advantage over traditional methods, whether they involve in-depth corporate analytics or mathematical algorithms based on Markowitz theory etc.
Deep Invest quickly manages a huge amount of data from the global connected economy and processes a variety of investment options to achieve the optimal portfolio design.
Leveraging the most accurate long-term trend prediction model, Deep Invest implements innovative techniques based on neural networks that mimic human thinking and combines them to form investment proposals.
The role of artificial intelligence is to formulate proposals, but its utilization is left to the discretion of the investor. The latter can use the proposals in an advisory way to support his/her decisions, but he/she can also use them as they are, reducing the cost of the consulting services.
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