Application software

The advisors to the EFFECT shall cooperate with the
management team of the client to understand
the mode of operation of each agency, to
identify the needs of and to apply the
Then plan and propose the solution,
which occurs and is completed in
cooperation with the customer.
This is followed by the analysis and preparation of the
projects that result in deliverables customized
the specific business needs of the
each organization within the specified
cost and time horizon.

Ongoing support

EFFECT responds promptly and efficiently to requests that arise during the implementation of the solution. Our highly trained and experienced counsellors can offer a wide range of services.
Our consultants are fully aware of the procedures associated with each specific client and are able to help in response to any request promptly and efficiently.
The friendly and professional approach to the EFFECT
is the competitive advantage and the
main reason for the excellent relations with
all customers.

Consulting services

EFFECT consultants cooperate with the
staff of each organization at the initial
period of operation of the systems to
maximize productivity and
their effectiveness.
The cooperation with customers is repeated
regularly to ensure that the systems are utilized
fully and be tailored to the specific
needs of each business by giving value to the
their daily activity.


The EFFECT provides education services to
customers, supporting the full
utilization of their systems.
Educational programs can be
be implemented either at the premises of the EFFECT
either in those customers where they are installed
systems. The training is carried out with
specialized seminars, customized on
needs of each client.

Quality commitment

EFFECT responds promptly and efficiently to requests that arise during the implementation of each solution. Our highly trained and experienced consultants can offer a wide range of services, fully aware of each client's requirements. EFFECT's friendly and professional approach is its competitive advantage, which contributes to fostering excellent relationships with all its clients.
For this reason, EFFECT is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard (providing the methodology for the systematic control of a company's activities in order to meet customer expectations and requirements), as well as ISO 27001:2013 (internal policy and security measures), to guarantee the protection of sensitive information and systems to which its working groups have access.
EFFECT is also certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner, confirming that it meets the highest standards of Microsoft's globally recognized partner program..