We are opening a new chapter in our path with
a renewed corporate identity and the
FIN/S, the most advanced platform
we have created. FIN/S is a modern and
effective software solution for their
financial institutions, especially
designed to offer the
discretion to focus on the areas where
they can create value and
higher yields.


We design and implement a new,
advanced system that integrates all the
experience and best business
practices of the EFFECT.

2003 - 2014

We design, implement and present
the 3rd and the 4th great renewal of the
our products at various events. With the
years, the EFFECT has earned the trust
many large organisations in Greece and
abroad as a specialized company with
a leading role in the financial sector.


2002 Develop the 3rd generation of our products


We participate in the seminar technical analysis
OMEGAWORLD ’98 in Miami (USA).


We develop the first version of the
application Front Office (EFFECT RM).


We start the design of the software second
generation in a Windows environment, which
circulating the next year. The
gradual development of the companies of the market,
in combination with more advanced requirements,
lead to the enrichment of the system with
new features.


Installing the management system
portfolio EFFECT in an external, in
a large banking institution in Cyprus


Thomas George sets up the EFFECT as a Company
Limited Liability. We present the
first system of Statistical and Fundamental
Analysis (Financial statistics –
Basic principles) which we install in
big brokerage company. Very soon
the above system conquers the market and
about product reference. Today it occupies
more than 70 % in parts
analysis of brokerage companies

Our Mission

EFFECT wishes to contribute radically to the Digital Transformation and the growth of its clients, providing high quality services and integrated state-of-the-art solutions.
At EFFECT we believe in long-term relationships of trust and cooperation with our clients, supporting them to reach the top of their business sector.
To achieve our mission, we have designed our strategy with the following objectives:


  • Direct and efficient services
  • Modern and effective solutions
  • Continuous development and evolution of solutions that
    we offer with dynamic use of advanced technologies
  • Investment in highly qualified personnel


In EFFECT we work effectively with our customers
offering complete software solutions top quality
that increase productivity. At the same time, we share common
principles that shape the way of thinking and our action:


  • We give absolute priority to the needs of our customers
  • We listen carefully to our customers and propose effective solutions
  • We implement solutions that are based on the most advanced technologies and market practices
  • We invest in long-term relationships of trust

Human resources

The potential EFFECT consists of employees with excellent education, high
qualifications and long-term professional experience. The level of education of the
our staff is particularly high: 20% of the total number of workers holds a postgraduate degree, 50% holds a bachelor's degree of higher education, while 30% comes from other educational levels, such as the alumni of private schools.
The company invests in continuous training of employees. The excellent working conditions and a friendly environment contribute to the long-term persistence of strains, as confirmed by the successful profile of the EFFECT on the market. The allocation of human resources of the company per business sector shows that the EFFECT focuses on the development, implementation of complex projects, as well as providing the most reliable solutions in the industry.