FIN/S is a modern and effective software solution for financial institutions, designed to enable customers focus on the areas where they can create value and higher returns.
FIN/S is a web-based multi-channel platform that can be promptly and efficiently implemented to support the needs of financial executives and officers.
Different editions of FIN/S offer ready and comprehensive solutions FINfor the following operations within the financial industry:
  • Private Banking & Wealth Management
  • Fund Management, Administration, TA
  • Robo Advisory Onboarding & Investors Portal
  • Asset Management Services
  • Custody Services
  • Depositary
  • Brokerage
  • Family Office
Based on an embedded workflow builder, FIN/S helps organizations configure their own workflows according to their principles, culture and experience and thus create the ideal flow for maximum efficiency throughout all Front, Middle and Back Office operations.
FIN/S shall also be accompanied by a Model Business
Package, set of ready-to-use intelligent
workflow prototypes that incorporate standard
business practices from the international market.
With its Model Business Package,
FIN/S is firmly designed as a turnkey solution
hat can be implemented in just a few weeks,
directly delivering the benefits of international experience.

FIN/S Simplifies Things

Through a smart and efficient environment, FIN/S helps users by offering the options they exactly need, when they need them. FIN/S responds instantly by providing up-to-date and enriched information with only a few clicks, so the user can achieve a 360ο view easily, quickly, with no need to search through extended menus and multiple reports.

FIN/S is Responsive

When the browser window changes size, the entire application and its screens are automatically adjusted in order to be respectively resized and legible to the end user. Both the size and menu will scale to fit the viewing screen.

FIN/S is Multilingual

FIN/S design supports multiple languages. Through a specified interface,
translation into different languages can be uploaded. Currently,
FIN/S is available in English and Greek Language.

Architecture FIN/S

FIN/S is built with a three-tiered architecture that provides maximum security,
scalability and versatility.

Client Tier

The presentation logic layer.
IN/S is accessible from any browser used by
the financial institution, both in LAN and Internet.
The benefits are enormous. Some of them are:
  • Zero Footprint Installation
  • Access from anywhere with Responsive interface Available on any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • SSL certificate

Middle tier multithreaded server

A multithreaded middle-tier server where the business logic and communications is being managed. The Server tier is using IIS to manage the communication between FIN/S users and the Data tier level. The user does not have any access point to Data tier.
Business Logic is being hosted and is running on this level to improve scalability.
The Web Services available at this level offer a standard way to make the app available on other systems. The web services available to FIN/S are SOAP and REST.
This “access data” design offers multiple benefits:
  • Reduces the consumption of system resources
  • Improves safety
  • Improves performance
  • Simplifies installation

Level data

The data tier level in FIN/S architecture is based on Microsoft SQL Server and interacts with Middle Tier.