The Shining EFFECT

EFFECT received the Digital Banking Provider of the Year Grand Award at Boussias Digital Finance Awards 2022, held on February 23 at Sofitel Athens Airport.
A major annual business event, the Digital Finance Awards acknowledge pioneering projects and innovative initiatives of corporate organizations related to the financial and technology sector during their journey towards Digital Transformation.
EFFECT achieved the most outstanding ratings and the biggest number of awards in the pillar category of Digital Banking, demonstrating the top-notch quality and wide range of our solutions and services.
  • Best Financial Trading & Investment Portfolio Digital Initiative – Gold
  • Best Private Banking / Wealth Management Digital Management – Gold
  • Best Compliance / RegTech Initiative – Gold
  • Best Financial Performance Initiatives – Gold
  • Best API Project – Gold
  • Best Fintech Solution – Bronze
Our awards in this magical night reflect the collective effort and creativity of our team, which envisioned, inspired and created the EFFECT FIN/S platform.
As EFFECT we are committed to continue with the same consistency and passion, as there is much more “Best” yet to come!

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    Best Financial Trading & Investment Portfolio Digital Initiative

    We won this award thanks to the comprehensive solution offered by FIN/S, supporting every type of investment product in every market, with end-to-end workflows of Back, Middle, Front Office departments and automated, time-saving management of a large number of portfolios.

    Best Private Banking / Wealth
    Management Digital Management

    Η EFFECT κέρδισε το συγκεκριμένο βραβείο χάρη στην ολοκληρωμένη, πολύγλωσση λύση που προσφέρει το FIN/S υποστηρίζοντας κάθε τύπο επενδυτικών προϊόντων σε κάθε αγορά, με end to end τις ροές εργασιών τμημάτων Back, Μiddle, Front Office και αυτοματοποιημένη διαχείριση μεγάλου πλήθους χαρτοφυλακίων με οικονομία χρόνου.

    Best Compliance / RegTech Initiative

    A special award for the reliability and security provided by FIN/S, so that its users can seamlessly perform their tasks while remaining fully compliant with the regulatory framework (MiFID II, GDPR, ESG, etc.).

    Best Financial
    Performance Initiatives

    Το βραβείο αφορά την ενεργοποίηση καινοτόμων πρωτοβουλιών μέσω του FIN/S, οι οποίες βοηθούν τους οργανισμούς να βελτιώνουν την οικονομική τους απόδοση επανασχεδιάζοντας τις υποδομές τους (π.χ. Cloud Computing, Open API’s, Orchestrating), αξιοποιώντας νέες πηγές εσόδων και αναβαθμίζοντας την εικόνα τους.

    Best API Project

    An award for FIN/S API (Application Programming Interface), which allows organizations to complete a range implementations, from portfolio presentations on their web portal to their own mobile app or integrated hybrid robo advisor.

    Best Fintech Solution

    One more award for the complete, flexible and multi-channel digital investor experience while using FIN/S, which is differentiated and adjusted according to the service provided, allowing financial institutions to optimize the level of service, reduce costs and generate additional revenue.

    Awards Ceremony