Fees & Charges

Transaction & Periodic fee management

EFFECT Fees module offers fully parametric platform for fees management, taxes, expenses and other charges, which is applying calculations of any kind in any currency.
Respectively it calculates periodic fees (custody, management, and performance fees) based on the specific agreement of each client, automatically generates billing transactions for each portfolio and issues invoices.
The Bank can calculate the periodic fees for the period they are applied (e.g. per quarter), and the calculation can be based either on the average NAV of the portfolios or on the NAV in the last date of the selected period.
The percentages applied for the calculation of the periodic fees can depend on different factors, such as the sub custodian, the type of the products or the type of the clients, while minimum or maximum fees can be also charged.

Taxation management

The Taxation table is very detailed, allowing users cover any taxation calculation available, based on different Product Categories, Client Residency, type of Income, and party withholding the tax. The system presents this information on Contract Notes, per transaction.
Based on the above, Taxation Confirmations can be easily exported periodically and when required by the Law, to be used for any purpose.