Post Trade Operations

FIN/S provides the back office unit with the following:
  • Transaction Processing & History
  • Complex calculations of Commissions & Fees
  • Account & Cash Management
  • Periodic Fees Calculations
  • Position Valuation & Accruals
  • Indexes & Benchmarks Design
  • Partnership Accounting

Transaction Processing

The quick update of transactions is a task of high importance for each Back Office unit. FIN/S improves the process, by offering:
  • Automatic import of transactions via electronic files from Brokers
  • Automatically import transactions from excel files
  • Manual entries, where required
  • Automatic reconciliations with custodians
  • Procedures for attribution of massive orders (Block Trades)
  • Suggestion for time deposits

Commissions, Fees & Taxation

Fees module offers fully parametric platform for fees management, taxes, expenses and other charges, applying calculations of any kind in any currency. Additionally, there is an option to add periodic fees to every sale, respective on the title’s hold period.

Periodic fees

FIN/S respectively calculates periodic fees based on the specific agreement of each client, generating billing transactions and issuing invoices for each portfolio automatically.
There is also the option to run accrued fees on a daily basis, providing the real picture of the portfolios’ regular performance.

Partnership Accounting

Each partner has access only to his own clients and can input orders and transactions only for them as well as review only his portfolios/clients under management. The calculation of the remuneration of agents is so parametric, which covers any agreement that might apply. Management reports are included for agents’ fees and remuneration but also for checking the performance of the investments of their clients.