ISO 9001

Quality Policy

The main concern and general objective of our Policy is the continuous improvement of our business performance, while at the same time creating added value for our customers, taking advantage of the rapid technological developments in the IT industry

The strategic direction of the EFFECT has been designed with the aim of:

  • The prompt and effective provision of services for customers.
  • The provision is mainly effective solutions.
  • The permanent development and evolution of the systems utilizing cutting-edge technologies.
  • The recruitment of highly qualified personnel and περισπούδαστο staff.

In particular, the specific objectives of Quality of the EFFECT is:

  • The continuous improvement of business performance
  • The continuous development of human resources
  • The maximization of customer satisfaction

To achieve all of the above, the company EFFECT has been installed, implement and continually improve a Quality Management System which complies with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 on the services Customization – customize software. Consultancy services for implementation of software. Create interfaces for system integration. Development of computer software. Software support services. The company's Management believes that the Quality Management System is an essential instrument to strengthen its Business position as a result of:

  • The continuous improvement of the Quality of our services
  • Cost reduction
  • The more efficient organization
  • The promotion of innovation
  • The best climate in the Company

The framework and mechanism for setting and reviewing the Quality Objectives and targets is set out in the regular reviews of the System by Management.

The continuous improvement of quality performance and the prevention of problems - non-conformities, require awareness and systematic control in each individual process and as a whole. The way we use to control processes requires:

  • Clear identification of responsibilities and responsibilities for each process and for each job.
  • Written documentation of how to run the tasks (Procedures, Work Instructions, Control Instructions, etc.), where this is deemed necessary.
  • Continuous monitoring of the recognised processes.
  • Adherence to evidence the Quality of the offered services.
  • Preparation of programmes for the achievement of the objectives and Quality objectives.
  • Process in order to learn the company from its mistakes, to take care of systematically not repeated (Corrective Actions) and to constantly improve the functions, and create a framework for the prevention of errors.

The company's Management is committed to:

  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System
  • satisfaction of applicable requirements, and
  • notification of objectives and goals to employees

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