SWIFT engine

The Custody module can recognize incoming messages or generate outgoing messages. System’s SWIFT engine is highly parametrical and is designed so as to support any SWIFT messages MT5**. In this way it can recognize and produce different messages, covering the company’s workflow of the company. Some of the messages that have already been configured are the following:
  1. MT544 : Receive Free Confirmation
  2. MT545 : Receive Against Payment Confirmation
  3. MT546 : Deliver Free Confirmation
  4. MT547 : Deliver Against Payment Confirmation
  5. MT535 : Statement of Holdings
  6. MT536 : Statement of Transactions
  7. MT537 : Statement of Pending Transaction
  8. MT540 : Receive Free
  9. MT541 : Receive Against Payment
  10. MT542 : Deliver Free
  11. MT543 : Deliver Against Payment
  12. MT548 : Settlement Status and Processing Advice
  13. MT564 : Corporate Action Notification
  14. MT566: Corporate Action Confirmation
  15. MT568 : Corporate Action Narrative
  16. MT576 : Report of Combined Activity
  17. MT578: Settlement Allegement
  18. MT590 : Advice of Charges, Interest and Other Adjustments
  19. MT591 : Request for Payment of Charges, Interest and Other Expenses
  20. MT599 : Free Format Message