Welcome screen

Through the “Welcome Screen” FIN/S offers a unified overview of the daily tasks, alerts or upcoming events, with a friendly and understandable way. So the Relationship Managers (RMs) and the Advisors can monitor and manage the needs and requirements of customers, to determine priorities, to plan and organize activities and events, to view and manage all the actions (e.x. approval Prompt, or any loose ends (e.x. overdue documents) related to portfolios and clients.
Except from the daily notifications, alerts, activities, etc., Relationship Managers and Advisors can also monitor tasks that are overdue, or have been completed within the previous month, or have a due date in the future.

My Day – Scheduler

FIN/S organizes the daily tasks of the stuff (Relationship Managers, Investment Advisors, middle & back office personnel), so that they are able to increase productivity and provide higher quality services to their clients.
Users have the ability to monitor and manage their tasks. All actions are recorded, while for management purposes, a report is generated with all corresponding information.
Tasks are automatically created / updated through procedures and processes, and then are grouped, leveraging a simple and straightforward management.