Workflow designing

FIN/S is established with a powerful workflow engine so as to streamline all business processes with easy-to-create workflows. It provides all the major features that managers and officers need so as to be efficient in their daily tasks while at the same time it reduces operational and settlement risks.
Moreover, all tasks are designed to be simple and comprehensible, while remaining efficient with high-level functionality.
A key feature of the workflow module lies on the fact that authorized users can draw as many workflows as they require, in a simple and straightforward process, without any technical intervention.

Setting up Workflows

For each business process, users can define unlimited different workflows based on the needs of each department. This differentiation can be based on several criteria depending on the type of process, such as User groups, Customer groups, Type of Event (e.g. side for orders and trades, corporate action event for custody workflow), or Type of Asset Class.
On order placement, for example, different workflows can be designed for Advisory portfolios, Discretionary management portfolios or Execution only portfolios.
Once a task is linked to a workflow, users can define several parameters to be entirely applicable.