Investment Strategies

Investment Proposal designing

FIN/S has the ability to record and classify investment proposals for each Firm, based on client categories. The investment proposals are classified based on clients’ categories.
Each proposal includes:
  • One or more financial products
  • Action to be taken Hold/ Buy / Sell
  • Number of Units / Value / or Percentage of Portfolio
  • Risk factors (Maximum loss)
  • An explanation of why the recommendation is suitable for the category
  • The frequency at which the analysis is updated and communicated to the client
  • The person responsible for the proposal (Originator)
  • Creation date
FIN/S will calculate clients’ fees based on the analyses and the investment proposals, in combination with the pricing policy decided and applied by the Firm.


Model Portfolios & Benchmark Design

According to the guidelines of the Investment Committee, specific ‘Model Portfolios’ can be created, which will be reviewed for their daily performance.
Based on these models, the composition of the products could be converted into real models associated with the portfolios of customers, depending on their risk profile.
Use of the H.Markowitz and W. Sharpe (CAPM) models allows for the scientific definition of the portfolio composition strategy. By utilizing the indicators of statistical analysis, the algorithms in place maximize portfolio performance for a given risk, or alternatively, define the portfolio composition to minimize risk by sacrificing possible performance. The diagrammatical representation of risk against performance, in combination with the simultaneous presentation of the portfolio composition, offer an exceptional functionality of the system, which, when combined with the minimal system response time, provide a powerful tool for portfolio optimization.
The choice of a benchmark is a feature of the customer portfolio’s investment profile.
– individual market indices or combination of them
– combination of market indices and interest rates
– combination of other benchmarks.
The benchmarks are automatically recalculated by the system on a daily basis. The comparison of the portfolio performance against the benchmark is presented diagrammatically.