Periodic Reporting

Client’s Statement

The system can provide every kind of statement for active Portfolios. The Reporting Currency to be used is applied per Portfolio and/or per Client. All details on frequency and means of sending the statement are set on the system per Portfolio. The system also facilitates the use of different correspondence address per portfolio.
The Statement is fully compliant with MiFID II.
The Statement is parametric and can be structured by using the following sections:
  1. Portfolio Summary – presenting pie charts and general details
  2. Portfolio Evaluation – both in base currency and reporting currency per asset class and title in addition to the performance and exchange rate differences
  3. Period Investment products and Cash transactions in both base currency and reporting currency
  4. Portfolio Income for a specified period
  5. Future cash flows
  6. Performance vs. benchmark index for 3 periods
  7. Period expenses / fees / commissions
  8. Disclaimer – Notes
All statement can be easily translated to any required language.

Regulatory Reporting

FIN/S is following the Legislation, able to provide any necessary Regulatory reports.